What am I Thankful For? ICE


Clear ICE

Thanksgiving is here and now gone.  I usually start thinking about ice fishing by now…but not actually going.  Today we went to the in-laws for lunch.  I wondered how much ice would be on the family farm pond by now.  After having a couple of beers while deep fat frying a turkey and some talk about ice fishing and jigs with the father-in-law, we went in and ate our Thanksgiving Day feast.  As we ate I started thinking about how much I needed to get ready if the ice was safe enough to go out on.  I could see the pond out the window.  The ice was crystal clear and fresh.  Hmm…..Nah, this is Thanksgiving it couldn’t be possible.  After stuff my self and watching a little football, we packed the kids up and went home.  I started getting my clothes out and gathering a few things.  I did actually have my batteries charged and ready for my flashers.  We got the kids down for a much needed nap.  Kind of sounded good to me…but the itch to fish won in the end.  I went out to the garage and got my stuff out.  No new line, no new blades for the auger, jigs and plastic everywhere.  Geezzzzzz.  Where’s my scooper….?  Yeah, this was a first.  Never before have I NOT been ready for Ice.  Once I had everything loaded I was out the drive and on the road for a short 5 minute drive to the pond.


Good Fighter

I arrived at the pond and grabbed the auger.  I stepped out on the transparent slab before me.  I could see the clay and tiny strands of green life clinging to it.  I walked out over shallow water and turned the auger.  The sound of blade grabbing ice was a welcome friend.  It took several turns and then punched through.  I stuck my hand down the hole and grabbed the ice.  Much to my surprise it was 4.5 to 5 inches thick.  I walked out a little further and drilled again.  Same results.  I would work my way out checking the thickness for uniformity.  No, change in thickness.  WOW!  Ice fishing on Thanksgiving!  Yeah, that’s a first for me.  It just didn’t feel right….but I went ahead and did it any way.


First Smally!

With the cold front and the high pressure, the bite was pretty tough.  I used a Custom Jigs & Spins Chekai Tungsten Jig tipped with a Glow Brite/Blue Finesse Plastics.  It caught several fish but the bite was pretty light.  I caught a lot of fish but not as many as on a good day.  Size wasn’t the best either.  I did manage a few nice gills and my first small mouth bass through the ice.  The bigger fish seemed to be hiding today.  It should only get better from here on out.  I think I will be getting together with Luke this weekend and we will be hitting a public lake and maybe a pond.  We will have to see how the ice is.  Just remember to be safe out there.  The wind was a beast during freeze up.  Ice thickness could vary a lot on some locations.


It’s ON!

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