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Head North!

As crazy as it may seem….I’m already getting a little tired of fishing ponds.  While they are great and hold amazing fish, I crave bigger waters.  So, when my Dad called me one day while I was at work….well, you know.  Yeah, it was time to head North to the Mississippi.  As usual I awoke […]

Big Mouth Crappie!

I always feel like a kid again when first snow falls.  I want to go out and play!  I got the okay from the boss to go out for a bit.  I grabbed my things and went.  I went to a pond that was well protected from the wind.  It’s tucked in nice down in […]

What am I Thankful For? ICE

Thanksgiving First Ice!

Late Ice Iowa Perch

When you think about the end of March in Eastern Iowa, you think about spring and warm temps. When my dad called me this week and told me I better come up again…..I was thinking walleye.  When he said ice fishing, I couldn’t believe it.  How’s the ice?  22 inches is all…..  That was all […]

Great Day With Dad!

What can I say about this year that you haven’t already said?  Most of the local lakes in Eastern Central Iowa are a bust this year.  Plenty of fish with no size.  Most of my outings on public water have produced little to nothing in the way of keepers.  I’ve found myself fishing mostly farm […]

Hidden Gem!

Is it March already?  No, so what’s with this 50 degree weather…..  I was asking myself this while I was on a conference call at work around 11AM yesterday.  I decided after the call was over I would leave work and hit a small lake.  I had to stop home and get my suit….mainly to […]

Personal Best! Part Two

So, I went out with Mitchell Meyers on a private pond and had another amazing outing. Breaking another personal best. We had been fishing a hot spot with several 9 to 10 inch gills on the ice. The fish had stopped coming through so we decided to try another spot. We sat focused on a […]

Personal Best! Part One

Looks like the ice is here to stay this year.  After last years short ice season, I’m glad to see it.  Temps forecasted in the teens all next week assuring safe ice for the masses.  Wondering what this year will offer, I hit the ice at Macbride Christmas day.  I was greeted by 3 inches […]

IDO InDepth Outdoors

Another 40+ degree day with rain….not what you would expect 10 days before X-mas. This is really starting to be the norm around Eastern Iowa. While Lake of the Woods is up to 14 inches of ice, we are stuck with open water. The ice started to go on twice now and has come back […]

What’s With Tungsten?

Tungsten, tungsten, tungsten…..what’s the big deal with tungsten.  Well, it’s not so much a big deal but it’s a heavy deal in a small package.  Tungsten is a very dense and heavy metal.  It allows you to feel your jig and create faster moves and shakes with your jig.  You could have a regular lead […]