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Big Mouth Crappie!

I always feel like a kid again when first snow falls.  I want to go out and play!  I got the okay from the boss to go out for a bit.  I grabbed my things and went.  I went to a pond that was well protected from the wind.  It’s tucked in nice down in […]

Great Day With Dad!

What can I say about this year that you haven’t already said?  Most of the local lakes in Eastern Central Iowa are a bust this year.  Plenty of fish with no size.  Most of my outings on public water have produced little to nothing in the way of keepers.  I’ve found myself fishing mostly farm […]

Fall Fever!

Nobody is happier than I am to see this summer come to an end.  Ever since the weather started to cool off, I haven’t been able to concentrate as well at work.  I’ve been hoping to get a call from my dad who lives up on the mississippi river…..no call.  I couldn’t take it any […]

I’m Still Alive!

Yes, I’ve done it again. I’ve come out of my typical spring hibernation. Springtime is always a busy time for me. The kids want to be outside a lot and so do I. Lots of things to get done around the yard and with the pond. Let’s get up to speed. We added a new […]

Big Slabs!

Today was a crazy day. I met up with Mitchell Meyers this morning. Forecast called for overcast skies and rain moving in. Sounds like a good day to be out. I’ve done well on crappies with fronts coming through. Imagine my surprise when I arrived on the lake and was blinded by the light! Almost […]

New year, New way!

My first week of what I would consider real ice fishing is in the books.  I got on the ice 3 days this week…well, half days at least.  It was great to get out on the home waters.  I went to the same lake 3 days in a row and had different outcomes.  I went […]

January 20th First ICE?

  What should you do when you have winter storm warnings and 100% chance of snow….and the day off?  With the cold temps making ice finally safe to get out on, I have to go fishing.  So, I guess this is our early ice….. Normally mid-winter ice by now.  With the storm hitting at sun-up, […]

To Be or Not To Be?

To be, or not to be?  That is the question on my mind this winter.  Will we see ice on our lakes or not?  The last two weeks have been very frustrating to say the least.  I actually had the boat out on December 31st catching wipers again.  That’s over now though. My dad called […]

No Ice, No Problem!

Well, the ice season is off to a horrible start here in Eastern Iowa.  So far I’ve managed to get out 2 times on our family farm pond.  It was better than nothing but it’s a new pond with very few catch able fish in it.  I couldn’t comprehend loosing 4 inches of perfect, clear […]

Winds of Change…..

The winds of change aren’t far off now.  This South wind this late in the year has been pretty strange.  Still, it has made the late fall open water fishing a bit more difficult.  The winds really haven’t stopped for the last week.  Your only chance at calm finesse crappie fishing is at sunup and […]