Pond Seminar July 26&27

pond flyer

This will be a great event for you pond owners. Seriously, if you have any questions about ponds, you won’t get a better panel of people to ask. Bob Lusk, is the editor of Pond Boss Magazine and a Bass GU-RU. Nate Herman of Herman Brothers Lake and Land Management is on the cutting edge of lake management. He is a super nice guy and is an outside the box thinker. He has been consulting on our pond as we go along. Dr. Bruce Condello, editor of Bigbluegill.com will also be there. A very popular website for you panfish freaks….like myself to get great info.
Tonight at 7:00 there will be an Electro Shocking on Swan Lake. Hands on! I can’t wait. Fish fry, portable ponds with catfish for the kids to catch. Saturday several topics will be covered by the panel. Should be very informative. I’ll be there tonight for sure!

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