Jelly Bean Ice Fishing Jig!

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I like Jelly BEANS!!!!!

What a season!  What a winter!  One of the longest seasons that I’ve ever been a part of.  With as cold as some of these days have been, I haven’t always felt like going out.  Yeah, I know it’s hard to believe.  The weather hasn’t been my best ally this season.  The ups and downs have been extreme.  I’ve caught a few of the swings right and missed any a few.  I’ve continued to be very busy making and selling jigs in my spare time.  That would explain the lack of posting this season.  It’s been a tough balance.  I never expected sales to increase over winter on open water jigs.  I expected a big drop off in sales of open water jigs.  This would allow me to make a few of my own ice jigs and sell a few.  I really enjoy making the jigs.  It’s a conflict of interest with my sponsor, Custom Jigs and Spins however but I have always wanted to make my own ICE jigs.  So, I did it.  This is what I came up with.  The Jelly Bean Jig!

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Assorted Flavors!

So, what’s so exciting about this jig?  Not too much, but there are a few differences over what you find in the stores.  I pour and paint these all by hand.  They use a #10 Mustad hook.  I have always been a fan of heavy baits and that explains my love for Tungsten jigs.  I just found that the Tungsten is very limited in shapes.  I really like the gill pill but wanted a really heavy one.  So, I made a shape similar to it but different enough to be unique.  It has a rounded bottom instead.  It causes it to swim down in a circular motion….kind of like a jigging wrap but in a tighter circle.  I also angled the hook back inside the jig head to open the hook gap a little more.  It has a good feel to it.  I can fish in deep water and maintain  good contact with the jig.  I use nothing but plastics with them so it works out well.   The other difference with them is that I use Powder Paints on them.  Most ice jigs are not powder painted.  I then cure them in an oven.  This makes the paint have a reaction and it binds with the lead.  I then hand paint the eyes and other details on the body.  Then I dip them in a UV Blast clear coating that seals it and protects it even more.  They are virtually chip proof.  I took one in pliers and smashed it before the paint cracked.  TUFF!

With the amount of time I have to put into making these, I don’t see myself making any next season.  I’m just too busy.  I have a few hundred made up and I’m selling them on EBAY.  Contact me through this site or buy them on EBAY if you want them.  Do they work?

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You didn’t know Crappies Like JELLY BEANS!!!?


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