For Sale

I’ve decided to thin down some of my equipment before I upgrade this year.  Here’s what I have available and what I’m asking for it.

Jiffy STX Pro Stealth 8″ Gas Auger with head cover.

Cut through some ICE in a JIF!

I’ve had this auger for 4 seasons now.  It’s a bit cold blooded but once she is warmed up she does well.  I put new $80 blades on it last year.  I had a nut come loose on it 2 years ago and it went through the carb.  It caused some scoring on the cylinder wall.  I retrieved the nut and got it running again.  Runs fine but it isn’t as strong as she used to be.  Still puts holes through 24″ of ice last season without much of a problem.  Sometimes you just have to clear some of the ice by pulling up on the auger.  I would be glad to meet and show it.  I’m asking $250.00 for it.

This is a St. Croix Legend Ice Rod.  It is a LIRA24L with a Ultra Sensitive spring bobber.  I used this for mega light bite days with a tiny tungsten jig.  The tip of this rod has always curved down for some reason but has never caused me an issue.  I’m asking $25.00 for this.

Super sensitive for the light bite!


I went crazy with the fly reels in the last 2 years and now with the release of the multiplier reels I want to upgrade.  I have a Cabela’s Prestige Plus Fly Reel.  It’s a 3/4 Weight.  I have never used the reel.  I expected to this year but I bought new multiplier reels.  I’m looking for $20.00 for this.

No More Line Twist!

This is another new fly reel.  This is a Cabela’s Wind River 3/4 Weight Fly Reel.  Same reason I’m getting rid of this one as the above reel.  I’m looking for $20.00 for this as well.

Line as straight as an Arrow!

The next fly reel I used with my Power Noodle for the last 3 seasons and just loved it.  If it was a multiplier reel I wouldn’t be getting rid of it.  This is a Redington CD 3/4 Weight reel.  It is very light weight and silky smooth.  I love it.  They usually sell for over $100 retail and I’ve seen them for around $85 on Ebay.  I’m looking for $60 out of it.

Best I ever had!

The last thing I have right now is an Original Aqua-Vu Z camera.  It works pretty well for how old it is.  The picture cuts out now and then.  The cable can be a little flakey at first.  When you give it a little jerk it snaps out of it and seems to be fine.  I think it’s from being wrapped up for so long.  I will sell it without a battery for $50.00.  I will sell it with a battery for $80.00.  I will bring a battery along as proof that it works if anyone wants to see it before buying it.

See what you’ve been missing!


Feel free to contact me by texting me at 319-431-4880.