Funny pictures and videos related to fishing.

New Ground Breaking Flasher!!!!

Amazing new features:  Auger Holder – Cooler & Dispenser – LX-7 – Toilet Paper Dispenser – Hand Warmer – Tackle Storage – Bait Storage – Weather Radio – WIFI Hot Spot – MX Radio – GPS – CD/DVD Player – LED Lighting – IPOD Jack – Also, makes loud squacks and beeps!

Amazing Ice Machine!

You can take this baby anywhere you want to go.  They are made out of space age metals unknown to man.  Very light and very strong.  4″ of ice is all you need to ride one of these to your favorite honey hole.  What are you waiting for, get yours TODAY!

The Ultimate Ice Fishing Suit!

Nothing beats the warmth and comfort of WOOKIE ARMOR!  

My Bait 8 My Fish

Today I’m home sick with my sick little guy, Kaden.  He went down for a snooze and I was bored.  I picked up the IPAD and started browsing.  I had the TV on in the background and heard them talking about the worlds biggest bug. I looked up in time to see this crazy looking […]

Ice Out?

No, I’m not really out on the ice in our neck of the woods. The rain and warm weather has brought the ice season to a screeching halt. With the memory of my last successful outing still dancing in my head I just had to get some fishing in. With 2 sick kids I didn’t […]

What Would Darth Vader Do In His Spare Time?

So you think you have it BAD?