Field Test

We test tackle and gear and let you know what we think of it.

What’s With Tungsten?

Tungsten, tungsten, tungsten…..what’s the big deal with tungsten.  Well, it’s not so much a big deal but it’s a heavy deal in a small package.  Tungsten is a very dense and heavy metal.  It allows you to feel your jig and create faster moves and shakes with your jig.  You could have a regular lead […]

Best Fly Reel For Ice Fishing

I’ve had many people ask me what I’ve thought of ice fishing with a fly reel….?  My answer has been “It has made me a better fisherman.”  I catch more fish with it.  Why?  No line twist and better contact with my jig.  It has been a major contributor to my success with crappies.  The only […]

Fly Reels for Ice!

I’ve had a lot of questions about using fly reels for ice fishing since I posted about it.  Many of you wanted to know what I recommended and how to set them up.  I decided I would take some time and discuss what I use and why.  Also, how to set them up for catching […]

2011 Ice Tackle Preview

With old man winter knocking at the door, you can’t ignore the urge for the upcoming ice fishing season.  I have been laying on the couch looking at ice fishing magazines and checking places out online.  I thought I would take some time to share some of the new ice fishing items that hit the […]

C..C…C….Cold Weather Clothing

Why would anyone want to go sit out on a slab of ice and freeze your butt off? I wish I had a dollar for every time I heard those words muttered. If you dress properly ice fishing can be very enjoyable. Yeah, or you can sit in a heated tent and drink yourself warm. […]

Walleye’s in Iowa’s Interior Rivers-

Any Iowa walleye fisherman is well aware that great walleye fishing is often hard to come by in our home waters.  With that in my, many of us still dedicate much of our time to finding the elusive Iowa walleye.  With that said, I believe I stumbled upon a little piece of heaven this past […]

Budget Jigs

To fish, or not to fish….that’s a stupid question.  I FISH!  I would hate it if I couldn’t get out fishing but for some people this may be a sad reality.  With the economy the way it is, and jobless rates on the increase, it never hurts to save money where you can.  I feel […]