Big Mouth Crappie!


First Snow…First SLAB!

I always feel like a kid again when first snow falls.  I want to go out and play!  I got the okay from the boss to go out for a bit.  I grabbed my things and went.  I went to a pond that was well protected from the wind.  It’s tucked in nice down in a valley.  I came down the hill to the pond.  It was covered in snow and waiting for me to punch some holes in it.  I started along shore to be safe.  I drilled a hole.  5 inches…..NICE!  I went out a little further and tried another.  5 inches.  I would repeat this as I walked out.  The ice was nice and clear under the snow….and uniform.  Very good and very safe.  I set things up and got my rod case.  I spent a good part of the evening prior rigging all my rods with new line and a new reel.  I bought a new 6061 reel and was looking forward to trying it out.   I pulled it out of the Otter Case and dropped down a Custom Jigs and Spins Gill pill tipped with plastic.  I watched my flasher as marks came up from the bottom.  They stopped below the jig and waited.  I was in the basin area of the pond.  It is only a 10′ deep pond.  I messed with the fish for a bit.  Then a large mark came into view halfway up in the water column.  I brought the jig up and the mark followed.  I continued to bring the jig up slowly and the fish closed on it.  Bang!  I set the hook.  I started to reel.  The drag was set a little too loose.  I was reeling but not taking any line up.  I quickly made an adjustment to the drag.  That was better.  The fight was on.  It was a big fish for sure.  Finally after a good fight a head appeared in the hole.  WOW!  I reached down and pulled the fish to the ice.  Nice start to this outing.


Pretty Day…Pretty Fish!

Not much else would happen though.  I would end up with another one that looked identical and released them both after photos.  A lot of 3 to 4 inch bluegills inhabit this pond as well.  I had enough of them after an hour.  I decided to go try our family pond again before going home.  The fish bit well up until the storm started to let up.  Come on Lakes FREEZE!!!!  Might have to do some Lake scouting tomorrow.


Only 2….but WOW!

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