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Welcome to We Fish Iowa!

We fish Iowa is my personal web blog.  I use it to share my days spent fishing all the Iowa has to offer.  I love to talk to people that share the same passion for fishing.  I enjoy looking back on the site as time passes.  It jars my memories of past experiences spent on the water.  I hope my 2 sons will join me in writing and sharing time with We Fish Iowa in the future.  A bit to young yet….

We fish Iowa is written by average, everyday people that live, work, and play here in Iowa.  If you would like to submit an article or wish to join We Fish Iowa as a writer please contact us via E-mail at mail@wefishiowa.com .  Also, feel free to send us comments and suggestions.  We’d love to hear them.

See you on the water!

14" spec personal best this year!

Travis Krousie

Travis Krousie is owner of We Fish Iowa.  He is Pro-Staff for Custom Jigs & Spins and Palo Outdoors.

Friends of We Fish Iowa

Luke Haugland

Years Fishing: 26 Years, that’s my age too!
Favorite Fish: Walleyes
Favorite Body of Water: Wapsipinicon River
Favorite Type of Fishing: The hard water
Favorite Food: Pagliais Pizza
Favorite Movie: Blind Side
Favorite TV Show: House
Favorite Football Team: Baltimore Ravens, it’s personal, my buddy starts on the o’line
Favorite Baseball Team: Red Sox
Blurb: We are extremely fortunate to enjoy all the fishing Iowa has to offer. Please remember to Catch Photo and Release, and practice selective harvest, so our kids, and grandkids can enjoy this great fishing state as well!!

Jason Toms

Years Fishing: Number of days spent on the water- 50-75 days a year (Just ask my wife)
Favorite Fish: Flathead Catfish
Favorite Tactics: Live bait on a light line
Favorite Body of Water: the mighty Iowa River
Hobbies & Interests: Collecting antique lures, self proclaimed handy man
Favorite Food: A rare ribeye with mushrooms and a cold beer.
Favorite Movie: Jaws
Favorite TV Show: I shouldn’t be alive & American Pickers.
Favorite Football Team: Minnesota Vikings (One more year Brett)
Claim to Fame: Was on a fishing show with John Campbell. (Small mouths below the Delhi dam RIP.) Also 3 State big fish awards Flathead of 33, 43, and 47 lbs.
Words of wisdom: I love to catch big flatheads but I am not species specific. Iowa has one of the greatest diversity of fishing anywhere in the country and I am always trying to develop new tactics and learn ways of catching all types of fish. I always practice Catch Photo and Release and a great photo is a lot cheaper than a mount.