Monthly Archives: January 2013

Hidden Gem!

Is it March already?  No, so what’s with this 50 degree weather…..  I was asking myself this while I was on a conference call at work around 11AM yesterday.  I decided after the call was over I would leave work and hit a small lake.  I had to stop home and get my suit….mainly to […]

Personal Best! Part Two

So, I went out with Mitchell Meyers on a private pond and had another amazing outing. Breaking another personal best. We had been fishing a hot spot with several 9 to 10 inch gills on the ice. The fish had stopped coming through so we decided to try another spot. We sat focused on a […]

IDO Episode: North Dakota Perch Feeding Frenzy

Here’s the latest IDO Ice episode.  James and Joel can’t keep the jumbo perch off.  Nice problem to have.