Monthly Archives: November 2011

Black Friday

Black Friday!  I’ve always thought to myself, “People are Nuts!”  I guess I shouldn’t talk.  I don’t go out to these massive sales….but, I do take part from home online every year.  This year, I have some pretty big wants on my list.  I decided to lay-off on the big things and get the everyday […]

Two Timing Crappie

This past week I decided to try my luck again.  I decided on Thursday since Friday the wind would come up over night….meaning strong south wind right away in the morning.  It was a good choice.  I had a very cool 20-degree morning but the wind wasn’t as bad.  I dropped my youngest off at […]

Winds of Change…..

The winds of change aren’t far off now.  This South wind this late in the year has been pretty strange.  Still, it has made the late fall open water fishing a bit more difficult.  The winds really haven’t stopped for the last week.  Your only chance at calm finesse crappie fishing is at sunup and […]

So, That’s Summer????

Summer turns into fall and fall to winter……not yet. I didn’t get to fish much this summer or this fall for that matter. I had some good days when I got a chance to go. I started looking back through the pictures that I had taken this summer and fall as I prepared to write. […]