Monthly Archives: February 2011

Ice Out?

No, I’m not really out on the ice in our neck of the woods. The rain and warm weather has brought the ice season to a screeching halt. With the memory of my last successful outing still dancing in my head I just had to get some fishing in. With 2 sick kids I didn’t […]

Fly Reels for Ice!

I’ve had a lot of questions about using fly reels for ice fishing since I posted about it.  Many of you wanted to know what I recommended and how to set them up.  I decided I would take some time and discuss what I use and why.  Also, how to set them up for catching […]


So, another weekend arrives and it left me wondering how well the fish would bite after all the snow and cold weather….  Only one way to find out.  Go!  So I worked a half day Friday and decided to give it a try.  I decided to detour and get an oil change before heading out. […]

It Figures??????

This past week I was with a sick household, so I was ready for some free time on the hard water. I hadn’t been out for a couple weeks and I was looking forward to hitting it pretty hard. I ended up taking the morning off Friday based on the great weather in the forecast. […]