Monthly Archives: January 2010

Plan of Attack!

What do you do when you can’t get out fishing?  If it’s do to the weather being bad like last weekend, I usually sulk around for a while and then I start thinking ahead to next weekend.  The rain last weekend was a good reminder that ice fishing in this area may end at any […]

Love it or Leave it…Part II

Well, I am Iowa fished out. The wipers came and have gone….The “big for Iowa” walleyes have came and gone as well. The big gills get old… and the crappie fishing is still fantastic. I am ready for perch and walleye, and more than anything else…the challenge of new water!  I guess I should step […]

Power Noodle Crappie Part 2

Well, today was my day to fish from dusk to dawn. I put in my vacation and woke up at 5:15 to a blanket of thick fog. I decided to go for it any way. My drive would take me a little longer but I had my cup of coffee and some sports talk radio […]

Power Noodle Crappie

This season has been a rough one so far.  The arctic blast that has been sitting on us has finally given way to warmer temps and I hope better fishing.  I decided to give a small public lake a try yesterday.  My brother in law (as he is called Uncle Russ) joined me for a […]

Love it or Leave it…

Snow, snow, and more SNOW!! I have been extremely busy snowplowing lately, but I wanted to give a quick update on the bites I have been experiencing. We have had horrible weather for the past couple of weeks, the barometric pressure has been way to high for my liking, and it seems like the wind […]

C..C…C….Cold Weather Clothing

Why would anyone want to go sit out on a slab of ice and freeze your butt off? I wish I had a dollar for every time I heard those words muttered. If you dress properly ice fishing can be very enjoyable. Yeah, or you can sit in a heated tent and drink yourself warm. […]